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Blowing leaves into a pile during a fall leaf cleanup.

Yard Cleanups Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, & Tea, SD

Our company offers both seasonal and one-time yard cleanup services.

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We are a highly-rated lawn and landscape company that offers yard cleanup services for customers in Harrisburg, Tea, and Sioux Falls, SD areas.

Our seasonal lawn cleanups include leaf cleanup, landscaping bed cleanup, dethatching, debris removal, mowing services, and more.

Our yard cleanup services are available to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and surrounding communities. Most of our clients are on a seasonal yard cleanup schedule, meaning that they receive one service visit in the fall and one in the spring. In the fall, we focus on services like leaf removal and lawn mowing. Once the weather warms up in the spring, we prioritize services like winter debris removal and dethatching. Clients can also request our one-time yard cleanups and leaf removal services to get their yards in the best condition possible.

Maintain Your Yard with Our Spring & Fall Property Cleanups

Leaves piled up after a yard cleanup service at a home in Sioux Falls, SD.

Spring and fall property cleanups are some of the best ways to maintain your residential, commercial, or HOA yard. By recruiting our yard cleanup team to perform these visits, your yard will receive the attention it needs to thrive year-round.

Your yard requires different services depending on the weather and time of year, so we have customized our cleanup services to meet your needs. In the next sections, we'll outline what services we commonly perform during our spring and fall yard cleanups..

During a spring cleanup, we perform winter debris removal, dethatching, and more.

After a long winter here in South Dakota, your lawn needs to be adequately prepared for spring and summer growth. During a spring cleanup, we will perform the following services:

  • Winter debris removal: In the winter, your lawn may experience neglect. Unwanted natural debris including sticks, leaves, and acorns can accumulate on your lawn during this season. Once spring rolls around, we will remove winter debris from your lawn so your grass can achieve optimal growth.
  • Landscape bed cleanup: Landscape beds may become unsightly during the winter and decrease your property's curb appeal. During a spring cleanup, our service providers will blow leaves and other debris out of your landscape beds.
  • Dethatching: If organic matter accumulates faster than it can break down, thatch may form on your lawn over the winter. Our team will perform dethatching services to remove built-up debris from your lawn.

Fall cleanup services consists leaf cleanup, leaf removal, debris removal, and the final mowing of the season.

To help prepare your lawn and landscape for an unpredictable winter, our property cleanup company will perform the following services for your yard in the fall:

  • Leaf removal: As leaves start to fall, they need to be picked up so they don't sit on your lawn all winter long. Before winter officially begins, we ensure that your lawn is free of leaves. Once all the leaves and debris have been gathered we use our leaf vacuum to suck everything into the bed of our truck to be hauled off.
  • Lawn mowing: Weather permitting, we will mow your lawn one last time before the winter begins. This way, it will be at an adequate height when the colder weather settles in.

During both a spring and fall cleanup, we will haul all debris away so you don't have to worry about any aspect of the yard cleanup process.

You Can Request a One-Time Yard Cleanup or Leaf Removal Visit

Before and after photo of a distressed property we cleaned up in Harrisburg, SD.

While we recommend you opt for seasonal yard cleanups, our team will also perform one-time visits for overgrown, neglected, or distressed properties.

Since leaf removal is included in our fall cleanups, most of our clients receive this service when they are on our seasonal yard cleanup schedule. However, you can request leaf removal on its own as a one-time service. We perform leaf removal services for your lawn so it can look well-manicured and receive the nutrients it needs to grow properly.

Do your lawn and landscape need yard cleanup or leaf removal services? Give us a call today!

If your lawn and landscape need yard cleanup or leaf removal services, our yard cleanup company can help. We perform dethatching and winter debris removal services in the spring and leaf removal and lawn mowing services in the fall.

Give us a call today at (605) 496-1400 to schedule yard cleanup services in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, and other nearby areas in South Dakota.