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We provide a wide range of residential and commercial outdoor water feature services, including fountains and waterfalls, as well as ornamental rock features, patio ponds, puddles, and more.

Consider this: you’re sitting on your back patio on a Saturday morning, holding a cup of coffee. You notice a bird constructing a nest in a tree across the yard, feel the wind on your legs, and hear the faint bubble of a fountain in a flower bed behind you. A fountain, to be exact. 


C & K Lawn Service provided your beautiful custom-built fountain.

We’d be delighted to make this scene a reality for you! 


A one-of-a-kind water feature can transform any yard from ordinary to amazing, giving you an outdoor sanctuary without even leaving your house. 


We may fit your new water feature into your current landscaping, or we can build a completely new backyard for you, complete with a stunning, rock-laden waterfall as the main point. With over years of expertise, we are fully committed to making your one-of-a-kind idea a reality.


We work closely with our customers to design personalized water features, assisting in creating appealing, welcoming settings for clients.


A feature amid a pond, for example, may elevate your company’s image to a whole new level. Working on your budget, we’ll find a solution that meets both your demands and your sense of style.


Our contracts strive to make the installation of your water feature as stress-free as possible.


You can count on us to keep you updated through the process and be as quick as possible so you can start enjoying your outdoor oasis right away.

Fountains and Water Features of Various Types
  • Fountain with a bubble

A bubbling fountain may resemble a big birdbath, with a stream of water bursting up from the bowl’s center. These sorts of outdoor fountains are ideal for use as a centerpiece in the yard. 


You may encircle your water feature with the various landscaping and gardening concepts. C & K Lawn Service has a large number of decorative water features to choose from.


  • Dripping Fountain 

A dripping fountain resembles a beaded curtain made of cascading water. This outdoor fountain is a great focal point for your garden and may add a lot of charm to it. 

The frame for this sort of fountain is available in a variety of styles. Fountains like this may be modified to your preferences.


  • Pouring Fountain

Pouring fountains resemble water flowing from a top bowl to a lower bowl to an even lower bowl, and so on until the water is recycled and reused. 

The size of this outdoor water fountain can vary. These fountains might be tiny enough for a little yard or enormous enough to be the focal point of a metropolis. This category includes several of our outdoor wall fountains.


The bowls may be altered to make one-of-a-kind water fountains. For example, the water may appear to be coming from a frog’s mouth and pouring down, hitting metal lily pads on the way. Alternatively, the water may appear to be erupting from a geyser and landing on rocks.

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