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New mulch, shrubs, plants, and small tree installed at a property in Sioux Falls, SD.

Landscape Maintenance Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, & Tea, SD

We offer top-rated lawn and landscape maintenance services, ensuring your landscape looks good all season long.

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Our landscape maintenance services are available to clients located in Harrisburg, SD and nearby areas like Sioux Falls and Tea.

We offer landscape maintenance services like plant installation, shrub and tree fertilization, and landscape bed weed control.

Property owners in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, and surrounding towns can enlist our comprehensive landscape maintenance services. We perform services such as plant installation, shrub and tree fertilization, landscape bed weed control, and mulch installation. Our team ensures your landscape is prepared for long-term growth and always looks its best.

We install plants like daylilies and hostas as well as annual flowers and small trees.

Before and after photo of a large landscaping project in Tea, SD.

If you are looking to add color and depth to your property's landscape beds, these plants are popular with area homeowners:

  • Hostas
  • Daylilies
  • Spirea
  • Dogwood

You may also want to opt for annual flower installation, which is a great way to revitalize your landscape beds in the spring. Plus, some annual flowers will shed seeds, so you may be rewarded with new plants in the following year.

If you want to add further depth to your landscape, we can install smaller trees like maples and crabapples.

Tree and shrub fertilization and landscaping weed control services.

Once a year, we perform fertilization services for your shrubs and trees so they can receive essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. During these annual visits, we lay granular fertilizer around the drip lines of your shrubs and trees. This way, the fertilizer can more efficiently reach your plants' roots.

Typically, we visit commercial properties once a week. Our team performs landscape bed weed control for residential properties upon customer request. To most effectively deal with weeds during our scheduled visits, our service providers both hand-pull and spray them.

We perform small tree and shrub trimming and pruning services usually twice a year

Before and after of small shrubs, plants, and bush trimming service.

Our landscape maintenance company performs plant trimming and pruning services for our residential, commercial, and HOA clients twice a year. We trim bushes, shrubs, and small trees that are ten feet tall or shorter. Our trimming services thin out dense areas and curb unwanted growth, while our pruning services remove any damaged or diseased & areas of the plant and promotes healthy overall growth.

We recommend to our clients that their mulch be replenished yearly.

One of our most popular mulch options is brown dyed mulch, but we offer any color that our customers request. Rather than using a blower, we install all of your mulch by hand so you're left with evenly distributed mulch throughout your landscape beds.

Some of our clients opt for rock installation in their landscapes because it offers benefits like weed suppression, wind resistance, and is low maintenance. For these clients, we will install river rock and replenish it every five years or so.

Are you tired of trying to fix your unkempt landscape? Call us today for comprehensive landscape maintenance services.

If you are tired of trying to fix your unkempt landscape, our landscape maintenance company can help. We offer everything from plant installation to shrub and tree fertilization so your property can be in the best condition possible. Call us today at (605) 496-1400 to learn more about our comprehensive landscape maintenance service in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, or another nearby town in South Dakota.