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At C & K Lawn Service, we are an expert lawn care and landscaping company. Over the years, we have built a reputation for offering the best lawn care, landscape management, yard cleanups, snow removal, and other services to Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, and surrounding towns.

C & K Lawn Service follows the science with every step of the lawn care service. In the care and maintenance of your property, we exclusively use research-proven treatments and industry-leading procedures. We use state-of-the-art technologies to give you a lush, green, and beautiful lawn.

C & K Lawn Service is a firm with highly trained lawn specialists who experience lawn care and maintenance.

Why Choose C & K Lawn Service?

We provide you with the outcomes you want. We’re the go-to company for homeowners and property managers that want a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Our certified lawn experts in Harrisburg, Tea, and Sioux Falls have the scientific knowledge to develop and maintain healthy grass plants on your lawn – the only sure method to a healthy, thick, bright turf.

When we say tailored lawn care, we mean it. Unlike other lawn care businesses that utilise one-size-fits-all treatments, our experts determine how to best treat your grass since they’ve taken the time to get to know it.

We tailor our procedures and treatments to the unique circumstances of your grass plants, the soil in which we grow, and any other characteristics of your property that may influence the health of your turf.

C & K Lawn Service takes an ecologically conscious approach to lawn care. We thoroughly examine each product we utilize to verify its efficacy and safety.

We use custom-designed trucks to ensure that our services are hassle-free.

Our expert team will make sure to make your expectations. Our satisfied customers in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, and surrounding towns are a proof of our success.

The C & K Lawn Service Program Is Tailored to Your Lawn's Specific Needs and Priorities

We are all aware that a correct diagnosis is the first step toward successful treatment and long-term health. The same may be said for your yard.

Establish a Consistent Nutrition Plan

Grass fertilizer is necessary for the establishment and maintenance of a lush and healthy lawn.

That’s why the continuous, well-timed delivery of fertilizers customized to the demands of your lawn and soil is at the heart of every C & K Lawn Service program. Our experienced and licensed fertilizer technicians will apply a tired and true multi-step feeding regimen for your lawn nourishment needs as well as keeping those pesky weeds and pests at bay.

Yes, maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn requires dedication – but the benefits are well worth it!

C&K Lawn Services


Lawn Care Services

Every lawn care appointment includes string-trimming, edging, and blowing services.



Our local lawn service company provides routine mowing to homeowners and business owners in Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and other nearby communities. 



C & K Lawn Service provides weekly mowing services to ensure that your lawn receives the care it needs to thrive throughout the growing season. We incorporate string-trimming and blowing services with every mowing session to ensure your lawn is healthy and looks well-polished.


During the South Dakota growing season, we make weekly lawn mowing trips.


The growing season in eastern South Dakota lasts from May until October. During this time, we will make weekly lawn mowing trips to keep your grass at the proper height. If a lawn is not mowed for more than a week, it might grow excessively tall, which is harmful to its general health. If you mow your lawn too regularly or cut it too short, it will grow weaker and more vulnerable to weeds.



Call 605-496-1400 today to schedule weekly lawn mowing appointments for your home, business, or HOA property in Sioux Falls, Tea, or Harrisburg, SD.

We incorporate the following extra services with every grass mowing visit:

  • Trimming around your property, fences, trees, and outside features: We utilize a motorized string trimmer to trim around your property, fences, trees, and outdoor features.
  • Blowing: To remove any lingering grass clippings from your driveways and sidewalks, we blow them away. We bag when necessary upon contractor’s discretion.

From May through October, give us a call to schedule weekly lawn mowing services!

From May through October, the agricultural season in South Dakota is in full swing.

You will need to establish a good maintenance regimen to ensure your grass is ready for maximum development. Maintaining your lawn on your own may be difficult and time-consuming. Instead of wasting your free time mowing the grass, let us do it for you.

Our landscape care services are offered to clients in Harrisburg, SD, as well as the surrounding towns of Sioux Falls and Tea.

C & K Lawn Service provides landscape management services such as plant installation, shrub and tree feeding, and weed control in landscape beds.

Our complete landscape management services are available to property owners in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, and nearby areas. We provide plant installation, shrub and tree feeding, weed control in garden beds, and mulch installation. 

Our staff makes certain that your landscape is ready for long-term growth and always looks its best.

Call 605-496-1400 today to learn more about our comprehensive landscape maintenance service in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, or another South Dakota town.

Landscaping Services

Fertilizing and weed control programs offered for your lawn, trees, shrubs, and landscape.

We fertilize your shrubs and trees once a year to ensure they receive essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. We apply granular fertilizer around the drip lines of your shrubs and trees during these annual visits. This allows the fertilizer to reach the roots of your plants more effectively.

Commercial and residential properties are offered a multi step program to combat weeds and pests alike as well as feed and nourish your lawns. Shrubs, trees, and plants can be done upon request.

To deal with weeds as effectively as possible during our scheduled visits, our service providers hand-pull and spray them. Are you fed up with attempting to maintain your unkempt yard? Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive landscape maintenance services in Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and other nearby communities.

Our landscape maintenance company can assist you if you are tired of trying to fix your unkempt landscape. We provide everything from plant installation to shrub and tree fertilization to ensure that your property is in the best possible condition. 

Yard Cleanup

With hectic work schedules and the everyday demands of family life, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to do all of the home duties. Too frequently, especially during the warmest weeks of summer, we focus our attention on the inside of the house, allowing the yard to fend for itself.


However, the truth is that the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Whether you’re short on time, or just can’t get away from the kids long enough, why not use the Handy platform to find some reliable yard help? Handy is straightforward to use and eliminates the countless hours and guesswork out of hiring expert, backyard help. 


C & K Lawn Service yard cleanup business can assist you if your lawn and garden require yard cleanup or leaf removal services. In the spring, we provide dethatching and winter waste removal services, and in the fall, we provide leaf removal and grass mowing services.


Give us a call today at 605-496-1400 to schedule yard cleanup services in Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, Tea, and other nearby areas in South Dakota.

C & K Lawn Service provides yard cleaning services that are available for residential, business, and HOA properties in Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and the surrounding areas. 


The majority of our customers are on a seasonal yard cleanup plan, which means they get one service visit in the autumn and one in the spring. In the fall, we concentrate on services such as leaf collection and grass mowing. 


Once the weather warms up in the spring, we prioritize services like winter debris removal and dethatching. Clients can also request our one-time yard cleanups and leaf removal services to get their yards in the best condition possible.


Clients may also order one-time yard cleanups and leaf removal services to keep their yards in the finest possible shape.

Snow removal and deicing services for Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, and other South Dakota cities. C & K Lawn Services endeavors to keep your parking lots, driveways, walkways, and entryways as clean as possible of snows and ice.



When winter weather comes, our snow plowing professionals deploy to your home or business property. We clear your roads, sidewalks, entryways, and parking lots with snow plows, snowblowers, and trucks, making your property safer for anyone visiting your house or company.



Our snow plowing and deicing services are offered in the South Dakota municipalities of Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea, and surrounding regions.


Residential and commercial properties can benefit from our deicing services.


We normally provide deicing services after it has snowed, as this is when they are most useful.  We apply salt to the driveways, parking lots, entryways, and walkways around your home or business property throughout the deicing process. 



Our salt treatments melt existing ice, keep it from refreezing on pathways, and minimize the number of slippery places on your property.


Get in touch today to know more about our service. 

Snow Removal Services

Why Do You Need Snow Removal Services for Your Commercial Property?

At this Harrisburg business property, we removed snow and sprayed deicing chemicals.


When our snow team is dispatched to your commercial property, we offer a variety of contract options. We employ a range of instruments to clear parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways, including snowblowers, shovels, and vehicles equipped with snow plows.


Here are a few reasons why companies and other commercial buildings should use expert snow and ice management services:


  • Reduced liability risk: When snow is removed from your property, it is far less likely that your employees or customers may be hurt as a result of slipping or falling. We move snow out of the way to increase safety and lessen the likelihood of your company being sued.


  • Less time missed due to injury: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 40,000 employees are injured as a result of snow and ice. When your employees are hurt, you lose time and production. Snow removal decreases the chance of harm while also assisting you in sustaining profitability.

Outdoor Water Fountains

C & K Lawn Service specializes in Fountain Delivery, Installation, Cleaning, Re-leveling, and Relocation. Underwater lighting, timers, pumps, and auto-fill systems are also installed by us.


  • Installation & Delivery

Do you want to put a fountain in your house or company but it appears to be too heavy or complicated? Allow the pros to handle it. 



Every day, we pick up, deliver, and install. With us, you can rest assured that your investment will be carefully handled and installed.



  • Cleaning of Fountains

There is nothing more soothing than listening to the soothing sounds of your fountain. Take pleasure in your fountain for many years to come. 



Allow us to service your fountain regularly. This is the service we can offer you. Vacuuming unclean water, removing algae, cleaning the pump filter, inspecting all tubing and fittings, re-leveling the water flow, and adding chemicals to the water.



  • Pumps & Autofill Systems

The same water is circulated up and down in a water fountain. Due to splash and evaporation, it is required to supply water regularly.

Depending on how frequently you operate your fountain, you may need to replenish the water every few days or, in the case of certain fountains, every day. If you are not willing to do this procedure, we may be able to install an Autofill system in your fountain. 


All you need to do is make sure you have a separate water connection for the fountain. Please keep in mind that sprinkler lines will not operate for auto-fills.


If you have a fountain at your home but wish you had installed lights, it’s not too late. Give us a call. Your Fountain will look amazing at night!

Be wary of the allure of the quick remedy. Other lawn care firms may push rapid, off-the-shelf, “one-and-done” fertilizer treatments that force your grass to green up quickly. But that is a very wrong approach: not only can driving rapid development harm the environment, but it can also harm the economy.


Our professional arborists at C & K Lawn Service will first diagnose and then treat the underlying issues that led your lawn to become infected in the first place. We develop the soil environment that helps your lawn get and remain healthy by providing the soil and grass the nutrients they require. 


The team at C & K Lawn Service provides some of the best services in the South Dakota areas of Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and nearby cities.


We have earned great reviews on Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List with a stellar reputation. 

Learn more about our company, our customer service, and what we do in your area. 


Our quality assurance procedure is one of the reasons we have so many satisfied customers.


In addition to our quality assurance methodology, our staff and crew are lawn care industry trained. We have finished all of the necessary training to earn a fertilizer and pesticide certification, but we don’t stop there. 


Our entire crew is assigned to various programs for ongoing education on best practices.



Lawn Care Done Right with C & K Lawn Service

The single biggest difference between C & K Lawn Service and other lawn care providers boils down to one simple premise: we care more. It’s the kind of caring that can only come from being the business owner. 


One that lives, works and is a part of the community they serve. Through our lawn care services, we create a healthy lawn that you can take pride in.

Why C & K Lawn Service?

  • We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.
  • We have years of experience.
  • We have the highest online reviews.
  • We’re locally owned, so there’s no big business “run-around”.


See how C & K Lawn Service compares to the competition to help you find the best lawn care service.

Connect To Your Local Lawn Expert

Ready for a greener, more enjoyable lawn? Call today for a free lawn care estimate.

Each of our local lawn care service experts works to understand the needs of each customer with a comprehensive FREE Lawn Evaluation of his or her landscape or yard.


Once we have determined your lawn’s problems, we figure out the ideal lawn care solution for you, from a single lawn care treatment to ongoing yard maintenance. Every landscape is different, so we will customize a lawn care solution to address your specific requirements.


C & K Lawn Service advantage is our local lawn care professionals in Harrisburg, Tea, Sioux Falls, and other nearby communities, who know all about your area’s specific characteristics, from weather to soil types. Contact us for a FREE Lawn Evaluation or contact the C & K Lawn Service in your area to learn more about our local yard care services.

C & K Lawn Service Promise

C & K Lawn Service is dedicated to providing you with the best lawn care service possible. Our pledge is clear and straightforward: we will perform the finest work possible and go above and beyond.


We take pleasure in our work and will care for your lawn as if it were our own. It’s as easy as that: if you’re not completely happy, we’ll make it right.


Looking for Landscaping near me?


Contact C & K Lawn Service now to find out how our lawn maintenance services may help distinguish your property!

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Brandon Goble
Brandon Goble
Very professional very experienced took care of a lot of issues in my yard
Laurel Livingston
Laurel Livingston
They did a great job with my yard cleanup & snow removal! Very competitive pricing! Would definitely recommend!
Dawn Kalina
Dawn Kalina
Great company! In Harrisburg, SD area. Professional and timely! Used for snow removal and lawn care services.
Chelsea Skluzacek
Chelsea Skluzacek
We had a great experience inviting C&K Lawn Services LLC to our home for yard cleanup! They did a such a great job that I now contract them to do our lawn maintenance. I’d highly recommend them to everyone!
Nate Cotter
Nate Cotter
After hearing from numerous friends that C & K Lawn Services has done a great job with their lawn here in Soiux Falls SD, we decided to give them a call for a good amount of fall cleanup and snow removal to follow... Couldn't be more satisfied with the work they've done along with the customer service...They worked hard and efficient .. Yet were very thorough Everything has been top notch and its hard to find that these days.. We'll definitely be using their services this spring/summer also! ~ Highly Recommend these guys!
Carrie Benson
Carrie Benson
bryanna stabnow
bryanna stabnow
They did a very nice job on are yard the guys know what they are doing and do quality work and do the job right! Thank you

Lawn and Landscape

Service areas

We offer full lawn, landscape, and snow removal services in the Sioux Falls, SD area including the following communities:

Our Harrisburg, SD location provides fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, dethatching, and snow removal services only.

Lawn Care & Maintenance in Your Neighborhood

Your house is your single most valuable investment. Feel proud of your investment by keeping your lawn happy and healthy with C & K Lawn Service.

Quality lawn care keeps yards looking attractive and healthy all year. We recognize that a lawn is more than simply grass. It’s also a long-term investment, similar to buying a vehicle.

An automobile works better with regular check-ups, and routine maintenance is less expensive than significant repairs. The same may be said for your yard. Regular servicing will help maintain it healthy while also saving money in the long term. 

Maintaining a healthy and well-groomed lawn not only helps you feel better but also improves the curb appeal of your property. It is advisable to hire a professional lawn care service provider, such as C & K Lawn Service, to work on your lawn. Lawn care businesses are in the business of inspecting your lawn and landscaping to safeguard your investment.

Looking for lawn care services and lawn care companies in Harrisburg, Tea, and Sioux Falls? For lawn maintenance services near you, contact us today. 

Our C & K Lawn Service can assist you in achieving the ideal grass you’ve always desired while keeping your lawn healthy at an affordable price. 

Select C & K Lawn Service as your yard care service provider and begin enhancing your lawn right now.

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